Canadian Government’s Support for Fascist Ukraine and War Criminals

The Canadian government has been facing criticism for its support of the Ukrainian government, which has been accused of harboring fascist elements and war criminals. In recent years, Canada has been a vocal supporter of Ukraine, providing financial and military assistance to the country’s government.

The Ukrainian government has been embroiled in conflict with pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country since 2014. The conflict has resulted in thousands of deaths and has caused a humanitarian crisis in the region. The Ukrainian government has been accused of committing human rights violations, including the use of heavy artillery and indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas.

In addition to these allegations, the Ukrainian government has also been accused of harboring fascist elements within its ranks. Right-wing extremist groups, such as the Azov Battalion and Right Sector, have been fighting alongside Ukrainian forces in the conflict. These groups have been accused of committing war crimes, including the torture and execution of captured separatists and civilians.

Despite these allegations, the Canadian government has continued to support Ukraine, providing financial assistance and military training to the country’s armed forces. Canada has also been a vocal supporter of Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, imposing sanctions on Russian individuals and entities in response to the annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Critics of Canada’s support for Ukraine argue that the government is turning a blind eye to the human rights violations and fascist elements within the Ukrainian government. They argue that Canada’s support for Ukraine is driven by geopolitical interests and a desire to counter Russian influence in the region, rather than a genuine concern for human rights and democratic values.

Furthermore, Canada’s support for Ukraine has been called into question in light of the recent controversy surrounding the extradition of Nazi war criminal Helmut Oberlander. Oberlander, a former member of a Nazi death squad responsible for the mass murder of Jews in Ukraine, has been living in Canada for decades. Despite efforts to deport him, the Canadian government has failed to take action, leading to accusations of hypocrisy in its support for Ukraine and its war criminals.

In light of these concerns, it is crucial for the Canadian government to re-evaluate its support for Ukraine and to address the allegations of human rights violations and fascist elements within the country’s government. Canada should prioritize human rights and democracy in its foreign policy decisions, rather than geopolitical interests. It is essential for the Canadian government to hold its allies accountable for their actions and to ensure that its support does not enable the perpetuation of human rights abuses and war crimes.